Terme 3000 Moravske Toplice, ...where you can try the benefic effects of the black thermal mineral waters 


The Pannonian sea that occupied the heart of the Prekmurje region milions of years ago left a rich heritage of thermal springs. Where the mild slopes of goricko meet the Pannonian Basin, the luxuries experienced in harmony with the healing effects of the world famous black thermal mineral water as the basis for health, medico-wellness and the bathing offer of Terme 3000-Moravske Toplice..

Terme 3000 Moravske Toplice feature.. Black Thermal mineral water

Indulge in thermal mineral water black, unique in the world, and enjoy the effects benefits it has on health, body and the spirit ... The bathroom in this thermal water has the positive effects on the organism, invigorating, improving circulation, relieving pain and tension nervosa. The black thermal water is particularly effective in disorders of joints. Along with the peloid, a mud healing, relieves pain and increases mobility, reducing the joint swelling. Treat yourself to the treatments for relaxation,care and beauty, or therapies healing in Thermailum center.

 Wide choose of accommodations 

The choice of accommodations in hotels meets both those to search of refinement and prestige,both guests who prefer to stay in a more relaxed atmosphere and family.Each hotel has its own center spa and bathing facilities, where you can enjoy the beneficial effects Water in the pools with water black or the normal spa. If, instead, you want to more independence, you can choose between the apartments and typical houses Pannonian with thatched roof, ideal for adventurers. Camping lovers They will be greeted by a clean and ordered campsite. With their wide variety, the Terme 3000 Moravske Toplice offer holidays for anyone.

Water fun for families

The offer of water attractions is among the most extraordinary: special pools for children, swimming lanes, water currents, geysers, waterfalls, sun beds whirlpool and massages jets water and air … And lots of slides, from funny, to those adrenaline ... And when you feel like I had seen it all, think of the descent down the most spectacular slides in this part of Europe: the Aqua-loop water slide with a turn of 360 degrees or slide free fall. An experience to dont not forget!

An active Thermal Holiday in touch with nature...

The stay at Terme 3000 offers a only contact with nature and refers to spend your holidays in an active way. The nature It will surprise you not only on the nearby golfcourse, but also at every step along the paths of the Pannonian plains or the neighboring necks. Join the many fans of the Nordic walking or treat yourself a picnic by bicycle to know the authentic local rate and rich cultural heritage of these places. There are very precise reasons why the Prekmurje region is known as "a paradise for cycling." Here you lay countless cycle paths suitable for all tastes and the physical training levels. Along your paths you will discover the hospitality of the inhabitants of the little time place. In these places you will not be without good wine, with the surrounding hills that invite themselves to their discovery. Perhaps, walking through the paths in forests or  along the streets of the wine and the banks of the river, you will discover new aspects of Prekmurje region.

Believe us, you'll be excited about your holiday in Moravske Toplice!


Package Winter at Terme 3000

Pamper yourself for a winter thermal break at Terme 3000 in Moravske Toplice,  experience in harmony with the healing effects of the world famous black thermal mineral water.  Choose your stay among the three excellent available Hotels, and taste the genuine Prekmurje culinary delights.  Enjoy a water park, that is a paradise for young and old spread over 5,200 sqm with 28 indoor and outdoor pools with water attractions and slides, and for your children several entertainment programs,exercises and  activities at the sport park . For who seek wellness treatments,  the chance to choose a special massage in the rich offer of Thermalium Wellness Centre,those with a touch of Prekmurje stand out - such as the Pannonia meadow massage with oils of Prekmurje Herbs.. For families and couples,who "stay active" is their main motto in the vicinity of Moravske Toplice they will find out over then 100 km of marked theme paths, including bicycle,hiking,and nordic walking trails..   Terme 3000 Moravske Toplice distances:  from Ljubljana : 185 km  from Zagreb : 160 km  from Vienna : 224 km  from Budapest : 289 km  from Venice : 426 km  from Munchen : 530 km